OctoPrint & OctoPi

Firmware Updater

  1. Install FirmwareUpdater Plugin

  2. Install avrdude on the RaspberryPi, which is used for flashing

    • Log into OctoPi e.g. ssh pi@octopi
    • Install avrdude sudo apt install avrdude
  3. Set FirmwareUpdater Plugin Settings

    • Settings > Plugins > open FirmwareUpdater Plugin
    • Click wrench on top right
    • Set following settings:

      • Flash method: avrdude (Atmel AVR Family)
      • AVR MCU: ATmega2560
      • Path to avrdude: /usr/bin/avrdude (we installed it in step 2)
      • AVR Programmer Type: wiring

Source is https://blog.svenadolph.net/update-prusa-i3-m-k3-s-firmware-from-octo-pi-using-the-octo-print-firmware-updater-plugin/


Go to Prusa Slicer Settings → General → Firmware → G-code thumbnails and set to 16x16, 256x256.


To enable more accurate monitoring from OctoPi enable verbose G-code.

Go to Prusa Slicer Print Settings → Output options → Output file → Verbose G-code and check mark the box.

Nozzle Profiles (Must Read)

For the nozzle use the following settings.


Hotend & Extruder

Print bed & build volume

Reset Login

Check out https://community.octoprint.org/t/i-forgot-my-octoprint-password-how-can-i-reset-it/215 which essentially requires you to login to the pi via ssh and run the commands below...

source ~/oprint/bin/activate
octoprint user password <user>

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